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Berry farm

Markkulan Marjatila / Markkula berry farm

Markkulan Marjatila is a centuries-old farm that started to cultivate black currants and strawberries in the 1990s. Markkula’s guiding lights include healthiness, excellent flavour and high quality. The aim is to preserve the berries’ beneficial vitamins and other ingredients with health impacts as well as the summery flavours with all their aromas.

Markkula berry farm is a family farm. It invests in the continuity and vitality of Finnish agriculture, without forgetting traditions and the work of past generations. The buildings and milieu of the courtyard area have been faithfully preserved and renovated. Old items have been collected in a home museum.

The planting history of the courtyard trees tells us about former and present house masters and mistresses, important moments in their lives and episodes of the farm’s existence.

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Markkulanraitti 24, 42520 Asunta

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Quote from our guestbook:

”Thank you so much for a lovely New Year’s holiday. We’ve had a fantastic time in this beautiful lakeside cottage. The hosts were friendly and helpful, and we forgot all our worries and routines during the wonderful ten-day holiday. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery, watched the fireworks arranged by our hosts, enjoyed the silence and rest in a perfect house that has simply all we need. We look forward to coming here again. Thank you. We’ll be back.” (Russia)

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