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Trekking, other outdoor activities and the National Parks

A forest path of nearly one kilometre runs near Huvilaranta. Blueberries and mushrooms grow next to the path, and the frisbee golf course also follows this path. If you wish to go trekking further into the forest, we recommend going to the Raatemaja hut (Raatemajan kota). A 4.5-kilometre forest truck road leads to the hut, so you can also go there by car. In the winter, for example, it is nice to go to Raatemaja by kicksled to grill sausages on an open fire.

The surroundings of the Raatemaja hut are even, and the hut is accessible by wheelchair. Firewood and a coffee pot are available at the hut. By the road at about 300 metres before the hut, there is a well where you get water.

vuokramökki, kota
Raatemajan kota


National Parks

From Huvilaranta it is about 100 km to the five National Parks.

  1. To the Helvetinjärvi in Ruovesi it is about 100 km to .
  2. In Kuhmoinen is the Isojärvi National Park. The distance is about 89 km.
  3. The Konnevesi-Rautalammi National Park cruise ships start at about 101 km.
  4. In the Leivonmäki National Park are wonderful Finnish swamp landscapes. About 110km.
  5. To the Saarijärvi Pyhähäkki National Park is about 94 km.


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Quote from our guestbook:

“We’ve had a lovely week here at this excellent villa. This summer our cottage week was also warm. The water temperature has been +23 C˚, so we’ve ended up swimming several times a day. Also tried the new frisbee golf course. Back next summer.” (Finland)

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