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Frisbee golf

You can play frisbee golf in the immediate vicinity of the Huvilaranta rental villas. The 9-hole frisbee golf course follows a jogging path in a mossy forest and in lake scenery.

Frisbee golf is fun for the whole family; a sport that suits people of all ages. In the cottage you can find a bag that contains six different frisbee discs. You can use both the discs and the course for free. The trail is also suitable for walking your dog.

At the start of the trail, there is an info board with the rules of the game and a map of the area.

Frisbee golf is also known as disc golf, and its idea is the same as in traditional golf: the course should be traversed from beginning to end in the fewest number of disc throws. The one with the fewest throws is the winner. The cottage folder contains instructions for playing. The varied terrain and trees of the frisbee golf course bring their own fun challenge to the exciting game.

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Markkulanraitti 24, 42520 Asunta

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Quote from our guestbook:

“We’ve had a lovely week here at this excellent villa. This summer our cottage week was also warm. The water temperature has been +23 C˚, so we’ve ended up swimming several times a day. Also tried the new frisbee golf course. Back next summer.” (Finland)

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