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Ball games and children’s games

There is a court suitable for volleyball and badminton at your disposal close to the Huvilaranta rental villas. Balls and other playing equipment, such as a croquette set and a Finnish lawn game called mölkky, are available in the storerooms of the villas. The yards of the villas are also large enough for playing. Sand toys and other outdoor toys are available for children.

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Markkulanraitti 24, 42520 Asunta

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”Thank you so much for a lovely New Year’s holiday. We’ve had a fantastic time in this beautiful lakeside cottage. The hosts were friendly and helpful, and we forgot all our worries and routines during the wonderful ten-day holiday. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery, watched the fireworks arranged by our hosts, enjoyed the silence and rest in a perfect house that has simply all we need. We look forward to coming here again. Thank you. We’ll be back.” (Russia)

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